7th March 2018

How to add value with a home renovation

The continuing rise in property prices has also fuelled a sharp increase in homeowners extending their properties with a view to adding value. In the year to June 2017, 197,000 people in England obtained planning permission to improve their homes, with a further 23,700 adding extensions under permitted development rights1. The figures suggest that, on […]

26th February 2018

Addressing your personal finance weak spots

No matter what age you are it’s likely you have a financial weak spot. In fact, it’s pretty much inevitable, no one’s financial armour is infallible. What steps can you take to shore up your defences? MONEY’S TOO TIGHT TO MENTION Younger people are often struggling to save, let alone contribute towards a pension, whilst […]

22nd February 2018

Protecting your family’s future

When making their Wills, many parents appoint relations and close friends who would act as the guardians of their children in the event of their deaths. Although anyone nominated to fulfil this important role would be gratified to be thought of as worthy of carrying it out, it’s important to remember that there could be […]

Do we need targets to help us save more for retirement

The Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association (PLSA) has come up with a suggestion to help people keep their pension plans on track. It has called for savings targets to be put in place to help individuals save enough for a good pension for their retirement years. According to their research1, 13 million people haven’t made […]

9th February 2018

Don’t leave your loved ones facing financial ruin

Many people take out a life policy, perhaps when they take out a mortgage, put it away in a drawer and don’t think any more about it. This can be a mistake, as the level of cover you took out a few years back may now not be enough to cover your current situation, and […]

Winter Home Checklist

This time of the year, it’s worth doing a few simple checks around your property to make sure it’s prepared for what winter might bring, so that any period of prolonged bad weather doesn’t take its toll. EXTERNAL CHECKS Winter wind and rain can cause severe damage, so check that your roof is in good […]

5th February 2018

Where will you live in retirement?

Later-life housing is a growing market, with around 60% of projected growth in households over the next two decades set to be among those aged 65 and over1. Moving home at any age is almost always a stressful and emotionally-challenging time, and arguably the longer you leave it, say in your late 70s or 80s, […]

24th January 2018

One in three retirees will have to rely on the state pension

The Financial Conduct Authority recently carried out research1 into the financial arrangements of just under 13,000 consumers in the UK. The results make for worrying reading. One of the findings that really stands out is that 31% of UK adults have no private pension provision, meaning they may have to rely solely on their state […]

17th January 2018

Global markets were surprisingly bullish

Investors found much to be cheerful about in 2017, a year which was characterised by a general upswing in the global economy. Several stock markets worldwide traded at all-time highs, European manufacturing bounced back and the Bank of England finally increased interest rates. It’s now over a year since Donald Trump was elected, and while […]

8th January 2018

Could you be an isa millionaire?

Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) are a great way to invest free of tax on the income and any capital gains. The amount you can put in each year has gradually increased. A growing number of people are becoming ‘ISA millionaires’ as a result of rising stock market prices, and the steady increase in the annual […]