24th November 2022

Property pitfalls for holidaymakers

Do you always lock your windows before going on holiday? If not, you’re not alone. A new survey1 has revealed some of the bad holiday habits of UK homeowners.  Locked out  Two in five respondents don’t check their windows are locked, with a similar number failing to check the doors. Just under half make sure […]

Pensions round-up

Recently released research1 suggests UK consumers are becoming more knowledgeable about pensions and prepared to take a greater role in preparing for retirement. Other research2, however, shows significant sums are still sat in ‘lost’ pensions, while experts have warned about potential pension-related problems as the cost-of-living crisis bites.  Pensions knowledge improving  A survey conducted by […]

16th November 2022

Mortgage market review

It’s been a busy couple of months in the mortgage market, with rising interest rates and new product ideas dominating the discussion.  Rate rises  Following the Bank of England’s decision to raise interest rates, two million mortgage holders with standard variable rates or tracker mortgages are already facing higher repayments.  Bank Rate increases will also […]

9th November 2022

A move towards ‘living legacies’

Over-55s are increasingly looking to help their families out financially while they are still alive, rather than leaving everything in the form of an inheritance. Research1 has revealed a trend towards ‘living legacies’, due to increased life expectancy pushing up the average age at which younger generations inherit from their parents. People born in the […]

Small steps to sell with success

Planning to sell? You already know there’s a lot of big things to think about. But don’t neglect the small details either. Seemingly minor changes can make a significant difference to how a property is perceived and, ultimately, its sale price. Here are three top tips for putting the finishing touches to your home before […]

2nd November 2022

More home moves than pre-pandemic

The number of home movers fell 35% year-on-year in the first half of 20221, a drop that was widely expected following last year’s uniquely busy pandemic-influenced market.  Still high  In total, 172,510 people moved house in the first six months of this year, well below the 266,270 who moved in the first half of 2021. […]

27th October 2022

Keeping investment emotions in check

While Rudyard Kipling may not have been thinking about investments when he penned his famous poem ‘If’, his words will certainly resonate with investors at the moment. The current investment landscape undoubtedly presents a challenge, even for experienced investors, but those who can keep their head when all about are losing theirs definitely have the […]

19th October 2022

In the news – Home Finance

Gardens uprooted  A quarter (25%) of homeowners in the UK with outside space have turned all or part of their garden into a driveway and a further 17% plan to make this change1. As well as parking space proving to be popular, one in ten homeowners with outside space have replaced at least some of […]

In the news – Money/Wealth

Healthy dividends  UK listed companies paid out £37bn in shareholder dividends between April and June, up 38.6% from the same period last year, making Q2 the second largest UK dividend payout on record1.  Large one-off special payments were a key driver, but underlying dividends, which exclude these volatile specials, jumped by 27.0% to £32.0bn, boosted […]

18th October 2022

Green home improvements adding value

With energy bills soaring, the advantages of improving energy efficiency are becoming evident to many homeowners seeking to reduce their outgoings. Research1 suggests that over a quarter (26%) of British homeowners want to carry out improvements in order to make their home more energy efficient. Give your home a price boost Not only could energy […]