5th July 2021

How your front door could add value to your home

With the pandemic and Stamp Duty holiday causing a stampede to move home, canny sellers have been keen to add as much value to their property as possible. So, they might be interested in new research1 which has discovered a little-known way of increasing the value of your home: door colour. Lockdown blues According to […]

21st May 2021

Millions keeping ill health a secret

According to a recent survey1, seven million people (13% of the population) are keeping mental health issues secret from their loved ones, while just under four million (7%) are hiding a physical health problem. As well as causing symptoms such as anxiety (34%), guilt (29%) and difficulties sleeping (25%), keeping secrets from our families can […]

3rd May 2021

Why it pays to update your pension expression of wishes

An expression of wishes tells your pension provider who you would like the beneficiaries of your pension to be in the event of your death. Multiple beneficiaries can be named, and you can state how much of your pension you want each to receive. However, while many people complete an expression of wishes when they […]

1st May 2021

Sorting out your mortgage during divorce

Divorce can be an incredibly stressful time for couples and the financial impact it can have only adds to the pressure. The number of couples getting divorced surged by almost a fifth in 20191. Although data for 2020 has not yet been released, after the strains of the last year or so, unfortunately it would […]

20th April 2021

The best time to sell your home

We’re all relieved that spring is here – it’s been a long, difficult winter. But for sellers, there’s some good news: spring to early summer has historically been the best time of year to put your house on the market1. Where flowers bloom, so does hope Spring is traditionally an optimistic time of year, buoying […]

1st April 2021

What did the 2021 Budget have to say about housing?

Rishi Sunak stood up on Wednesday 3 March to give his highly anticipated Budget speech to the House of Commons. While other coronavirus support measures were first on the agenda, the Chancellor’s speech also revealed some important housing measures. Extension of Stamp Duty holiday The Chancellor announced a three-month extension of the temporary £500,000 nil […]

Hopes of a “swifter and more sustained economic recovery”

Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, delivered his second Budget on 3 March, which centred on a three-part plan to continue supporting people and businesses through the pandemic, to fix public finances once recovery is underway and to lay the foundations for the future economy. The Chancellor opened his statement by revealing the latest predictions […]

Key Points Spring Budget 2021

Job support Furlough scheme extended until 30 September 2021 – the government will continue to pay 80% of employees’ wages up to £2,500 a month until the end of June, employers then pay a 10% contribution in July, rising to 20% in August and September The Self Employment Support Scheme also extended until the end […]

31st March 2021

Mortgages: A brief history

To reach their dream of homeownership, most aspiring buyers depend on being offered a mortgage. In Q2 2020, the outstanding value of all residential mortgage loans had reached a staggering £1,513.3bn1. But where did it all start? Pre-1900s Estimates of homeownership are sketchy prior to the 20th century, but data from 1831 has led to […]

19th March 2021

How much space can £231k buy you?

A study1 has revealed that, based on the UK’s average house price of £231,000, the West Midlands is the UK region with the most living space. Many properties in this region have around 30% more space than average at 104.92 sq m. Buyers can also expect to benefit from a higher-than- average number of bedrooms […]