7th July 2020

Property market: Where are we now?

In mid-May, the property market reopened after nearly two months of inactivity – and buyer demand surged. Almost immediately, the number of visitors to Rightmove soared back to pre-lockdown levels, with site activity reaching record levels on 27 May1. In its latest Housing Market Update, estate agent Savills welcomed this increase in activity; however, it […]

2nd July 2020

What to watch out for when co-buying a property

These days, homeownership is simply unaffordable for many young people. That’s why more and more aspiring buyers are deciding to co-buy a property with friends. In fact, co-buying has become so popular, some providers are offering multiple person mortgages, following research1 showing that the majority (60%) of millennials would take out a mortgage with friends. Big […]

House-moving day – the logistics

With house-hunting, offers, surveys, legal searches, new schools and other pre-move essentials to fit around everyday life, there’s not always a lot of time to consider how moving day itself will pan out. Because rushed final arrangements can make for a fraught moving day, savvy house-movers should take the time to focus on the logistics […]

1st June 2020

The surveying scene

When buying a property, it is generally best to have a survey carried out, even if your mortgage lender is also conducting a valuation that involves an inspection. A thorough survey conducted on your behalf may reveal defects or possible costly problems you need to be aware of. The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors is […]

Natural forces take their toll

The plight of uninsured householders affected by the Australian bushfires is a reminder of the importance of buildings and contents cover, even if securing it can be more difficult or costly when your home is at greater risk from natural forces such as storm, fire or flood. One victim did have their misfortune balanced out […]

27th May 2020

Just 27% of new parents take out life insurance

New parents are spending more than ever preparing for their baby’s arrival, research1 has revealed. According to the study, the average spend has increased more than 18% since 2012 and now stands at £1,645. However, the study also discovered a concerning fact: despite this increase in spending, little more than a quarter (27%) of first-time parents […]

21st May 2020

Five million self-employed

Recent figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show the number of self-employed in the UK has reached record levels, at five million people, which represents around 15% of all people in employment. If you are self-employed, you won’t benefit from auto enrolment, but you will still qualify for generous tax relief on any […]

Pension woes: the tale of Gen X

The changing financial pressures facing members of different intergenerational groups has been a recurring theme in recent years, with the narrative usually proclaiming how younger generations have lower income, assets and prospects than their older counterparts. However, there has been relatively little consideration of the potential retirement woes facing people born between 1966 and 1980 […]

Life insurance for astronauts?

The first astronauts had a problem, especially in the early days of the Apollo missions to the moon, as their lives were literally uninsurable. No insurance companies would consider insuring anyone about to embark on a potentially lethal mission. NASA came up with an idea to arrange ‘insurance covers’ whereby the crew autographed a number […]

13th May 2020

Early financial education gives children a head start

According to The Financial Capability Strategy, part of the Money & Pensions Service, children’s attitudes to money are well-developed by the age of seven. In an ideal world, therefore, primary schools would be encouraging children not only to recognise the pounds and pence needed to buy their weekly Haribo rations, they should also be preparing […]