20th February 2020

In the news

FAMILIES RELYING HEAVILY ON GRANDPARENTS FOR FREE CHILDCARE For many families, childcare is a significant expense that often eats a good chunk out of their monthly income. It’s no surprise then, that many parents are turning to their own parents for help. Recent research1 shows that 85% of grandparents offer some kind of support with childcare, […]

10th February 2020

Work for yourself? Make your pension work for you

Self-employment offers many benefits: being your own boss and having the flexibility to choose your working hours being but a couple of examples. But when it comes to pensions, those who work for themselves are finding they’re at a disadvantage. Research7 has revealed that, although 74% of self-employed people think it’s important to save for retirement, […]

Older people lack suitable housing options

Around 7.2 million over-65s would consider buying a bungalow, showing a strong demand for single-storey homes among the older population. With only two million bungalows ever having been built in the UK, however, it’s clear that demand far outstrips supply7. As our population ages, more thought needs to be given to the provision of housing […]

4th February 2020

Don’t sell yourself – or your contents – short

Recent research has revealed that we could be undervaluing the contents of our home by £115 bn6 – meaning that millions of people across the UK may not have the right level of cover for their possessions. Contents insurance covers anything in your home that isn’t fixed down (think furniture, electrics, clothes, toys, books etc.). Over […]

University challenge of digs and tuition

In recent years it has become more widely accepted that university isn’t the only route to satisfying and rewarding employment. Apprenticeships and vocational training are among the other paths available; and there are many instances of success in business by those who entered a workplace direct from school and worked their way to the top. […]

29th January 2020

Pension inequality starts at birth

In recent years, the gender pay gap has been a rather hot topic. However, the difference between the pensions savings of men and women – or gender pension gap – is perhaps less discussed. By the age of 50, women have accumulated an average of just £56,000 in pensions savings against £112,000 for men4. Girls […]

Yes, you CAN be a homeowner if you’re self-employed

Don’t believe us? Keep reading for some handy tips to help you get on the property ladder while enjoying the benefits of working for yourself. Getting a mortgage is hard enough these days but being self-employed adds an additional layer of complexity. So much so, in fact, that over a million self-employed Britons believe they’ll […]

16th January 2020

The sandwiched: finding time to thrive

One consequence of an ageing population and delayed parenthood is the growing number of people who are left sacrificing their own time, wellbeing and finances in order to care for those around them. And it’s very easy for this group to simply focus on surviving rather than thriving. The ‘sandwich generation’ This term was first […]

Stay protected in 2020

Don’t overlook the importance of having the right plans in place to protect yourself, your family, your valuables and your home, in case an unexpected event should happen. Insurance cover isn’t just about a payout when you die. It can also give you peace of mind in knowing that you would be able to cope […]

9th January 2020

Tone up your finances in 2020

As we face the year ahead with great anticipation, thoughts of resolutions, often centred around lifestyle improvements and healthy living, usually feature high on our to-do lists. It’s all too easy to overlook the resolution to take stock and refocus on your finances. A new year is the perfect opportunity to do this. Whilst a […]